It’s Never Too Late To Start Your Career

its never too late too start your career

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or objects”- Albert Einstein.

It’s quite clear that Albert Einstein knew exactly what to say even during harsh times. Often we search for happiness, but we never look in the right places because we don’t have a goal. Goals are intended to give people direction; it’s that inner drive that makes us accomplish objectives. Why? Because we want a certain outcome much like a purpose. We constantly trouble ourselves pursuing happiness, the so call “American dream”. But, what is the American dream? Is it an extended vacation to a tropical island, a brand new car or simply an accumulation of money to pass on to our off-springs? Let’s face it; most of us want all these luxuries but, often people just fantasize about such things. The reason why they are just dreams is because they never set goals with a reasonable time hack.

To accomplish goals there are many implications such as; sacrifice, sleepless nights and change. Let’s take the word change; what does it mean? According to, change is to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone. You may be telling yourself, my life is just too busy to start a new career; I don’t have the time, dedication or money. But, guess what you are not the only person who feels that way. Not every millionaire was born with such wealth; there are so many hard working Americans that at one point had a dream, and through sleepless night of studying and sacrifice turned it into a reality. According to an article from Business Insider, Jan Koum a Ukrainian citizen who migrated to America was at one point living on food stamps. But, through dedication and commitment he developed an app that is worth $19 billion (Giang V & Goudreau J, 2014, par. 1). So, what makes you so much different from people like him? Nothing; for the most part we all posses a brain, limbs, eyes, nose etc. If you ask me, I would say dedication and fearlessness. Dedication to meet your goals, always give one hundred percent and don’t be afraid of failure.

You may ask yourself, how?  There’s a reason why this article interested you. You may have a dream that you want to turn into a reality. We live in a country where the lifestyle is fast paced, demanding, and competitive. If you have a family, certain responsibilities come into play, such as: picking up the kids from school, taking them to their leisure activities, getting groceries, cooking, etc. It’s easy to come up with excuses as to why we put things off. I, myself, understand that lifestyle because I once lived it. But, it’s never too late to pursue your dream.

Now, let me ask you a question, are you going to quit on yourself? This is your life, your dream. No one should have the right or power to put out your fire, especially if you have a family. Don’t you want to show your kids that you are willing to do whatever it takes to be successful? Shouldn’t this be one of the most important values in anyone’s life? Is anything easy worth fighting for? The answer should be no. So, get a hold of your life and make this career move your next goal. You are probably asking yourself, where do I start?  What direction do I take? What are the chances of being successful? Can I actually work from home? There are great career professions where you can start by taking an online training course in the following fields: medical transcription, medical coding & billing and pharmacy technician to name a few. These professions have a big reputation in the on-line community. Reason being, they give the opportunity to people like you and I who have families and little to no time due to different circumstances of life. Not only can you begin a career with a great job outlook, but also increase your income. Most importantly you will have the ability to spend more quality time with your family and perhaps take that much needed vacation. Now the question is, are you ready to start this new journey?

By: Elizabeth Fernandez

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High School Is Over. Now What Career Options Are There?

High School is Over. Now What?

So you’ve graduated high school. Congratulations! It is an accomplishment to be proud of. So the question so many ask is – Now what?  Your graduation signifies the end of an era and a wide open door to your future. Your mind is likely full of questions, such as:

• Who am I?
• Am I really a grown up now?
• What do I want to do from here?

That’s a lot to think about. You have probably realized that going to a university is far from the only choice and isn’t always the best decision. Having a degree is no longer a guarantee that you will find a high-paying job in your chosen field, and the crippling amount of debt it can bring can be tough to justify in today’s job market.

Perhaps you want a respectable career, but don’t like the idea of going to school for another four or more years to get it. Perhaps you want a career and like school, but don’t want the $200,000+ price tag that comes along with a university degree. Maybe you already have a family to care for and need to start making money immediately. Maybe you are like me and love working and making money, but like to do it on your own terms and on your own time. Whatever your reasons are for not choosing to go to a university, I want you to know that there are other viable and affordable options for you to have a good career and make a good salary.

High quality career training and certification may be exactly what you are looking for. In most cases, certification can be obtained in as little as 4 – 12 months and with the job placement help given, you can expect to begin working quickly. There are many different options, but the best ones with the highest job growth rates are in the healthcare industry:

Medical transcription and editing
Medical coding and billing
Pharmacy technician
Electronic health records specialist

Your first step is to research these career choices and see which one is the best fit for you. It is important to make sure you choose a career that you are capable of doing and not choose one because it sounds like a good job to do or you want to work from home. I trained as a medical transcriptionist and have been working from home for over 6+ years now. I didn’t have the funds or time to attend a university, so I took the route of studying online and getting a certification in medical transcription. I wanted a career that gave me the opportunity to work from home, paid well, and spend more time with my family. I knew this was a good career choice for me since I liked working long hours on the computer and was able to sit and focus for long periods of time. My typing skills were not the best, but that came with practice. I also enjoyed learning about anatomy and the human body. When I first choose to get into medical transcription I didn’t know anything about this field. It was very overwhelming for me, because I was scared that I might not have what it took, but with the right training I was able to obtaining everything needed to become a medical transcriptionsit working from home and get a good paying job.

I highly recommend doing your training online in the comfort of your own home. I trained with Career Step and couldn’t be happier with my experience. As someone who has walked this road before, and who now has a successful career in medical transcription, I am happy to help and guide you when you are ready to make this important decision!

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Nailing Your Online Final Exam

Nailing Your Online Final Exam

The time has come! Long studying sessions, uncontrollable yawning and endless amounts of note taking is about to come to an end. Your online final exam is approaching and there is no doubt you will excel with flying colors. But, before you sit down to take it you should have an idea as to what you need in order to prepare you the most.

The most important element is to know exactly what your focal point is. What is it that you are going to be dissecting out of your notes, textbooks and other study material? Gather up your notes and write down what you feel is most important. In the medical transcription course you have assessments that can assist you with your transcription skills. This opportunity will greatly benefit you because it provides exclusive feedback on your reports. After all the more you practice, the better of you will be!

On the other hand, taking a final exam is nerve racking and stressful. You must be thinking to yourself, all of these study sessions, tutorials and online training courses have really taken its toll on me. But, remember as you are taking your online courses, they mentally prepare you to pinpoint and highlight key points for your final exam. It is best that you do not procrastinate and delay the process of finishing your assessments so that you can take your final exam. The faster you complete it, the faster you will start on working from home!

Are you allowed to have access to resources throughout the exam? The answer is yes. If you come to a crossroad where you are unclear about something you have transcribed or a certain question, go back and research the questioned material. Another component throughout this process is taking a break to refresh yourself. You should have mini-breaks in between. For instance, if you’re stuck on a difficult report, stand up, stretch, walk around, drink some water or have a light snack and proceed from where you left off. You will be glad you did so. Now, the time has come to go in full throttle and show this final exam how prepared you are. Good luck!

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Online Study Tips For Students

MTinformation - Online Study Tips For Students

If you’re gearing up this season to go back to school for the summer or already taking an online course it is important to stay on top of your work. Good study skills will provide you with a basic tool needed to succeed. Here are some study tips that will help you stay on track and keep motivated.

1. DEVELOP A SCHEDULE: Set aside a specific time every day and try to stick to that time. When you set yourself a schedule it will provide limits, so when you are tempted to do anything other than study – tell yourself and anyone else that this is the time you set aside to study and get your school work done.
2. HAVE A GOOD WORK SPACE: Having that quiet area is very important to provide focus when studying. Remember to keep your schoolwork separate from your responsibilities. Also keep your schoolwork in the same location will allow for organization.
3. SET GOALS FOR YOURSELF: Keeping track of your progress will allow you to set goals for yourself. Don’t be afraid to set daily, weekly, or monthly goals. Remember to reward yourself when you achieve those goals.
4. MOTIVATION: What keeps you motivated? Why are you doing all this hard work? Keep a picture of something that motivates you to keep going. This will remind yourself every day what you’re working towards.
5. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT: Find your groove – if you do something many times you will learn to do it very well. Find something that works for you and your family. Always remember to have patience.

Studying at home can be very challenging, BUT IT IS A SKILL THAT CAN BE LEARNED! Learn more about online training courses.

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Can I become a medical transcriptionist without taking a course?

MTinformation become a medical transcription course

The answer is – yes, you can become a medical transcriptionist if you already have experience or background in medical transcription. If you have worked in a physician’s office or hospital and built up that knowledge and/or experience that is a plus and you can probably get hired without taking an MT course. It is important that you have experience transcribing reports and not just the knowledge and foundation of medical terminology. You have to have both in order to integrate these two together.

Most medical transcription agencies or employers look to hire medical transcriptionists that have had formal medical transcription training given by an online program, vocational school, community college, etc. or have worked at a hospital or physician’s office dealing with some sort of medical transcription prior; these requirements vary from one employer to the next.

A medial transcriptionist should posses the knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, transcribing reports, and also have good grammar and writing skills. If you feel that you do not posses these skills and/or need some brushing up then it would be better that you take a course and get the proper training. A training course can usually take up to several months to two years to complete, depending on which route you take. Vocational schools, community colleges, and online schools offer training in medical transcription. The most popular and easiest to obtain in 4-6 months would be taking an online training program. Many people start a career in medical transcription because it requires little higher education and jobs in this field are plentiful.

The question now is; which is the right online training program for me?  When you search online you will find a number of schools that offer training, but which is the right one? This was something that overwhelmed me also.
When looking for an online school, make sure that they offer the following things:

AHDI – Approved curriculum – Make sure the training program offered by the school is an approved curriculum so that you assure the training you are getting prepares you to have all the skills and experience needed to start working as soon as you graduate.

Prepare students for speech recognition – As the medial transcription industry evolves you want to make sure you stay up-to-date with all the new technology out there, so this is a great plus to learn.

Practice actual doctor dictations – Look for a school that gives you hands-on experience dictating actual doctor dictations and covers a wide variety of medical specialties. This is great so that you can get a feel of what you will be transcribing when you start working as a medial transcription.

Materials included in your enrollment – Look to see what is included in your tuition payment. A good school should include everything needed for your training, including curriculum and materials, online library of medial words, student support and technical support, foot pedal, certification, and graduate resources.

Tuition price: Now this was important to me because I was not going to pay a ridiculous amount of money for a medical transcription school. Remember if it sounds too good to be true than it is, so look for something reasonable and affordable.

Student support and job placement for its graduates – Make sure that the school offers instructor support while completing your online course program and graduate support when you graduate. This is important because recruiting partners that have partnered with the school will hire medical transcriptions that have completed the school’s program.

Now that you have researched all these things, the time has come to pick a school. I went with Career Step and was really happy with the training I received from them and the support I got after I graduated. I am currently a successful medical transcriptionist and know that they have trained me well. I would recommend them to any one that is interested in getting trained as a medical transcriptionist. Make sure to do your homework and research to find a school that will prepare you for your future as a medical transcriptionist.

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Work From Home / Medical Transcription

MTinformation - work at home - medical transcription

Have you been searching for a job that you can do from home without the hours or stress of a busy office life?  With all the dramatic changes in employment going on, more people are looking to work from home.

One of these great careers is working from home as a medical transcriptionist.  Medical transcriptionists are in very high demand right now.

The great benefits of working from home are:

• Spending more time with your family
• Flexibility with your schedule
• Save on gas and tolls
• Avoid traffic and long commute to and from work
• Less stressful environment
• Better work and life balance

A medical transcriptionist listens to and types up dictations sent by doctors via the internet.  To become a medical transcriptionist from home you will need to get formal training via an online school or attend classes at a college. Nowadays, people are looking to take online courses since it more convenient. When looking for an online program, make sure that the school follows the approved curriculums. An online training program can be completed in 4-6 months at your own pace. As a medical transcriptionist, you can earn an average salary of 39,820 a year.

If you are interested in working at home then medical transcription is a good option.

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Who Takes Classes Online?

MTinformation - Who Takes Classes Online

Have you ever wondered who studies online? When you think of going to school – you think of actually attending classes, but who has the time any more. Nowadays, more people are earning their degree through online education. It is proven that half of the schools in the United States offer some sort of online program. This has been one of the fast-growing ways to go to school and earn a degree.

So who are these people taking online courses? The typical online student looks just like you and me. When you image someone taking online courses you might think of a young person who is internet smart. Online education works for everyone – young people as well as adults.

More than half of the people taking online courses are holding down a 9-5 job. Online courses allow people to take classes based on their schedule. This gives the person lots of flexibility so that they can complete their course.

If you think that you are ready to take an online course make sure that you are committed and manage your time effectively so that you can succeed in your new career.

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