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How To Become A Medical Transcriptionist:

Are you looking into starting a career in Medical Transcription? If your answer is yes, I will be more than welcomed to guide you into that direction. My site (MTinformation) will provide you with all the detailed information on how to become a medical transcriptionist at home. Earn your certification by getting the right online medical transcription training and start your career today!

What Is A Medical Transcriptionist?

Medical coding and billing

Medical transcription involves listening to a doctor dictating medical reports and accurately transcribing them in a formatted document. A medical transcriptionist can work at home or in an office.

Medical Transcription Training Online:


In order to start working as a medical transcriptionist you need a certification training program that will provide you with the proper education to get started in a rewarding career in medical transcription.

Medical Transcription Schools Online:


Career Step is one of the top schools online that provides a medical transcription training program which teaches students the right skills and education to get started upon graduation.

Medical Transcription Salary:


How much do medical transcriptionists earn? Read more on what The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports on the middle 50% of professionals in the medical transcription field are earning. 

Medical Transcription Jobs:


One of the biggest challenges for a newly trained medical transcriptionist is finding that first job at home. Here is a list of MT companies looking to hire medical transcriptionists from home.

Medical Transcription Editor:


Now speech recognition technology is becoming more common and playing a larger role in the industry. Expand your resume. Career Step School offers a great online course for medical transcription editor.