Medical Transcription Reports:

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Medical Transcription Reports With Audio:

When you first start out typing a medical transcription report it can be overwhelming because you might not hear words that are said or know what medical words the doctor is using. I can tell you from experience that it all gets easier. When I first started out I felt like the doctors were talking in their own language, but with practice and experience I can tell you that I catch mistakes when the doctors dictate now and also know what words are missing when they dictate. 

When you start typing medical reports you will get used to your doctors and how they dictate. All doctors use their own formats and usually will say the same thing over-and-over for each patient (depending on what the diagnosis of the patient is). I have been typing rheumatology reports and my doctors have been repeating words such as:

HEENT:  Exam is unremarkable.
SKIN:  Warm and dry.

Transfers on and off the exam table are fluid.
Bowel sounds are present in all four quadrants. 
GU:  Deferred. 
Skin:  Clear. 
Pulses:  Bilaterally symmetric in the upper and lower extremities. 
No clubbing, cyanosis or edema.

When you are typing a report and get stuck on a word that you do not understand or the doctor mumbled that

word, don't get frustrated and don't spend too much time trying to figure it out. Highlight the word so that you can come back to it. Most likely the doctor will repeat that word again later on in the dictation and then you can go back and type it correctly. This has happened to me many times and I have learned not to waste my time trying to figure out what that word is.

*Note: If you do not have a headphone / headset and are using you speakers to listen to the dictations, you will not catch all the words clearly. The best way to understand and dictate is with a headphone / headset. If you do not own a headset yet, I suggest you use your iPod headphones or another type of headphones so that you can understand the words that are being said clearly until you get the correct headphones / headset. This also goes for the foot pedal. Until you get a foot pedal you will have to use your mouse to stop / play / rewind.

Test your abilities doing these medical transcription reports:

*Note:To decompress the audios you need to use WinRaR Download Here.

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