X-Ray Report Sample:

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X-RAY No.:  123456
PATIENT NAME:   David Jones
DATE:   March 29, 2012 
ORDERED BY:  Diane Peters, M.D.

Hands and wrists, two views of the right and left hand and wrist were obtained.  There is generalized osteopenia.  There are OA changes seen at the first CMC joint with subchondral sclerosis and joint space narrowing.  Ulnar styloids appear intact.  There is no chondrocalcinosis.  There are some degenerative changes seen at the carpus but without any obvious erosive changes.  There are no erosions seen at any of the MCP or PIP joints.  There are scattered areas of joint space narrowing at the PIP and DIP joints. 

1. Osteoarthritis changes.
2. Osteopenia.
3. No definite erosions.

Shoulders, two views of the right and left shoulder were obtained.  Bony mineralization appears within normal limits.  There are no lytic or blastic lesions.  There is mild degenerative change at the AC joint with some joint space narrowing.  A pacemaker is seen in the left hemithorax.  There is minimal periarticular calcification at the left shoulder near the supraspinatus insertion.  There is mild elevation in the humeral head at the left and perhaps a minimal amount on the right. 

1. Mild humeral head elevation, left greater than right, concerning for rotator cuff tendinopathy.
2. Mild OA changes at the AC joint.
3. Minimal periarticular calcification at the left shoulder with none seen on the right.