Medical Transcription Editor Training Online

What medical transcription editor training do I need?

MTinformation - Medical transcription editor training online Continuing Education With Medical Transcription: The medical transcription industry is always changing. It wasn’t so many years ago that transcriptionists had to pick up and drop off their work at the doctor’s office or the hospitals. Then they started being able to dial into phone systems to listen to a dictation, and send in their medical reports by fax or by the internet.  Now a days pretty much all of the work is done over the internet. If you are wondering if there is any room to grow as a medical transcriptionist or continuing education as a medical transcriptionist, there certainly is. You can always consider working as a medical transcription editor or (VR) voice recognition editor. A medical transcription editor specializes in correcting and editing medical reports that have been dictated by doctors or other transcriptionists.. A (VR) voice recognition editor specializes in correcting and editing medical reports that have been dictated by doctors or other transcriptionists using voice recognition software. A medical transcription editor or (VR) voice recognition editor is an experienced medical proofreader with good referencing and researching skills and is a highly skilled medical transcriptionist with proven skills in all work types, specialties, accents, and dialects. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics report–encompassing both medical transcription and medical transcription editor professionals–states that the middle 50% of professionals in the field earn between $27,090 and $38,590 a year (this includes part-time and full-time).

Medical Transcription Editor Training Online

Medical Transcription Editor or (VR) Voice Recognition Editor Focus:

  • Editing and formatting dictated medical records.
  • Recognize, interpret, and evaluate inconsistencies, discrepancies, and inaccuracies in medical dictation.
  • Fixing grammatical errors.
  • Edit the transcribed document against actual dictation.
  • Improving content in an efficient and accurate manner.
  • Provide timely and consistent quality feedback to inform and update the transcriptionists regarding quality issues and areas of concern to help eliminate repetition of errors.

Medical Transcription Editor School Online:

Price $2,995


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Career Step School offers a great online training program for medical transcription/editor. They have two programs set up for either experienced medical transcriptionists who want to expand their career in medical transcription or for a new student just learning how to become a medical transcriptionist and/or medical transcription editor.

  • The full Medical Transcription and Editor Training – this training program is for someone that is new to medical transcription/editor. In this training program you will be gaining the knowledge and skills that prepare you to become a successful medical transcriptionist and/or a medical transcription editor. Price $2,995.00
  • The Medical Transcription Editor Supplemental Training – this training program is for an experienced medical transcriptionist that is looking to learn speech recognition. This training program focuses only on speech recognition editing skill set. Price $600.00