Medical Transcription Software For Work

Express Scribe Software:

MTinformation - express scribe softwareHere is a software that always comes in handy and it’s free to download from the internet. It’s called Express Scribe and it is a "free transcription player". This is a program that allows you to listen to your audio and also use your foot pedal so that you have your hands free to type.

Here are some of the good features:

  • Supports professional foot pedals which connect to the USB port to control playback.
  • Works with Microsoft Word and all major word-processors.
  • Automatically receives and loads files by internet (FTP), email, or over a local computer network.
  • Can switch to ‘mini’ mode to reduce screen space.
  • Express Scribe is completely free.

Express Scribe – Download it, it’s free! You will most likely be using this for your online medical transcription course to listen and dictate dictations.

TransNet Software:

MTinformation - TransNet sotwareIf you are going to work for a medical transcription company, they already have many doctors as clients. There are a few ways that work can be sent to a medical transcriptionist at home. The medical transcription company will provide you with software which you will download and install into your computer. This software will be used with your foot pedal. Work will be sent from the medical transcription company to that software that you installed and you would listen to the work as it comes in. Once you finished typing the dictation you will then send it back via e-mail to the medical transcription company and they will review it and send it to the doctor.

This is the software (TransNet) that I receive work from my employer. They provided me with this program which I downloaded and gave me instructions on how to use it.

Since you are working for a medical transcription company they are the one that deal with the doctors needs. You will only listen to the dictions, type out the reports, and send them to the medical transcription company.

FTP server Software:

MTinformation - FTP server softwareAnother way that you can receive work is going directly into a specific website (FTP server) that the medical transcription company has where you can download work and listen to it with a software they provide or you can use the free software below in which you can use your foot pedal. The medical transcription company that you will be working with will give you all the instructions/details of what kind of software they use and how to use it.

Again, the same concept applies in which you would send the completed dictation typed out back via e-mail to the medical transcription company for review and they will forward it to the doctor.