Medical Reports And Samples

Types of medical reports and samples:

There are many different types of medical reports that medical transcriptionists can type. An employer, medical transcription company, or doctor will provide you with a format they like to use. You’ll notice that most physicians dictate basically the same wording for each report. All doctors use a certain format, but change it around to their specific likings. Since you will be typing for specific doctors you will get used to how they talk, say words, format their reports, and even be able to know what the doctor was trying to say when they mispronounce a word or if the dictation audio was not too clear.

As a new graduate, if you get stuck on a word that you do not understand, don’t get frustrated and don’t spend too much time trying to figure it out. Go ahead and highlight the word so that you can come back to it later on. Majority of the time the doctor will repeat that same word again in the dictation and then you can go back and type it correctly.

Proper Grammar Usage – Proper Punctuation, Capitalization, Abbreviations, Numbers, Numerals, and Correct Spelling for Medical Terms and Their Plurals.

Medical Transcription Specialties – List and description of 42 different specialties that you can dictate as a medical transcriptionist.

Samples Of Medical Reports With Audio – Samples of medical reports with audios that you can try out yourself.

Different Samples Of Medical Reports:

These are transcribed medical transcription sample reports from actual doctors. These samples will give you a better understanding of what kind of different medical reports you will be typing either when you take an online training program or when you start working as a medical transcriptionist.